Sunday, November 13, 2011

Concert Preparation: Bright Eyes - Enmore 14/11/2011

In preparation for tomorrow night's concert, I thought I'd "Youtube" Bright Eyes and have their clips stream continuously on my oversized TV.  Little was I prepared for the numerous clips I had to sift through: Art Garfunkel's song for 1978's Watership Down movie and non-official fan clips replete with wobbly audio, boring stills or worse still, irrelevant montages which make no sense whatsoever.  What gives??

So, back to the computer!

Click here for the official Bright Eyes youtube channel.

Tomorrow's concert may be my first & last Bright Eyes concert if any of the rumours are to be believed:
1.  Conor Oberst told Rolling Stone he was planning to retire the Bright Eyes moniker
2.  Oberst to quit music and join UFC (?!?)

This generation's sharp-tongued and sardonic Dylan, he has built an impressive body of work since he was 13.  (He's now 31).

Watch this:
Can't wait!

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