Monday, May 14, 2012

Father John Misty - Fear Fun (2012)

Little did I know that this year's Fleet Foxes concert @ Sydney Opera House (02/01/2012) was more momentous than I'd thought - It was to be my first and last Fleet Foxes concert.

Although performances were at times spine-tingling moving; there was something amiss, perhaps in part suggested by their momentum-breaking between songs tunings...

First off the ranks is Joshua Tillman (Better known as J. Tillman). Whilst no stranger to solo albums; this is his first under moniker Father John Misty. Fleet Foxes members Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott formed Poor Moon and are also signed to Sub Pop.  Wonder if Robin Pecknold is going to (or has the right to) continue Fleet Foxes with entirely new members like James Mercer did with The Shins...

Imagery used is steeped in psychedelic voodoo mysticism,
but J. Tillman at times sounds a dead ringer of John Grant.
Indeed, the song "Nancy From Now On" seems a page off Grant's songbook.

Whilst there's the inescapable Fleet Foxes moments; the album is, arguably, wider in scope.
More technicolour than his former band's sepia-tones.
 Jonathan Wilson who co-produces imbues the Laurel Canyon feel.
Thre's even a cod Michael McDonald moment on "Nancy.. ". 
Although filled with melancholy, the album isn't shy of it's tongue-in-cheek dark humour.

Videos are NSFW.
(Domiatrix, Purgatory Pizza, Gun Violence

His concert's on @ The Oxford Art Factory 27/05/2012.

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  8.6 / 10

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