Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Modest Mouse Rocks The Enmore 25/07/2011

Woo Hoo!  What a way to start my holidays! (Admittedly only 4 days this time).

It's not very often I find myself asking who the opening act was, or if their songs were originals for that matter.  Sydneysiders Deep Sea Arcade were impressive enough to have my curiosity piqued. 
Obviously schooled in Rock history, they have Beatles' flourishes and site Elliot Smith, The Doors and Stone Roses as influences.  And it shows.
A band to look out for.

Judging from the rapturous reception when Isaac Brock and co. sauntered on, I'd say I was in the midst of some serious hardcore fans, you know the ones that know the lyrics to almost every song.  Tonight's setlist was mostly a greatest hits package...

Setlist (Thanks to
  1. Satin a Coffin
  2. The View
  3. Dramamine
  4. Dashboard
  5. Fire It Up
  6. I Came as a Rat
  7. Paper Thin Walls
  8. Blame It on the Tetons
  9. Dance Hall
  10. King Rat
  11. Gravity Rides Everything
  12. Poison the Well
  13. Float On
  14. Encore:
  1. Bukowski
  2. The Whale Song
  3. Wild Packs of Family Dogs
(Could've sworn they also played The World at Large...)

Satin in a Coffin kicked the night off followed by a particularly raucous The View which nearly blew the roof off Enmore...  and we're only 2 tracks in!  The sheer energy rarely let off and was only "interrupted" when the taxidermy-fan-cum-frontman addressed the crowd and regaled us about the weather back in hometown Portland.  Rock Star attitude was in play when he carried on a little too long, but I suspect this may have been a calculated move to "egg" the crowd on.

At times, it seemed the stage could barely contain the band because they had such a huge presence.
When first notes of anthem Float On floated on, the crowd went literally beserk.
There was dancing in the aisles and ushers had a tough time showing some back to their seats.

Isaac brought out the banjo on a slightly reggaefied Bukowski.  The Whale Song (featured in 1997 movie Bent starring Clive Owen about a gay prisoner of war) started off with an odd guitar refrain which only made sense towards the end of the track.

No signs of any new songs then.

Had a blast guys!  8.3/10

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  1. they started strong and seemed to lose their way i thought.
    also compared to other recent set lists, this one was too 'good news' heavy.
    considering they didn't have a new album to promote i expected them to play more older songs.