Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Live: elbow @ Hordern Pavilion 26/3/2012

I wasn't going to go.

It being Monday night, concert at the Hordern Pavilion (Less intimate, more chances of sound going wrong, 2nd concert for the amazing "build a rocket boys!" (My #2 of 2011), expense, transport, etc., etc.
I was giving myself endless reasons to give this a miss.

As it happened, Lady Luck took a pity and a friend had a spare ticket owing to someone being out of the country.

This concert wasn't too far removed from the one I attended last year - Review here.

Guy Garvey was still perversely interested in Sydney fingers (& nails); he still gestured and pointed at audiences; he was more jovial and playful; there were sing-a-longs; hands waving and they were all clearly having a great time, as were we.

Performances were also top notch:  Guy was in fine voice and the band were sublime with the tender songs and rocked with gusto when called for.  The minor glitch when Guy repeated a chorus instead of launching into the bridge only showed how much he was in the moment; like some beauty spot on an otherwise perfect face..

They have been together some 22 years (Longer than some marriages) and this shows in their comradeship and playing; and the band even used this excuse to have a toast on stage.
It's no secret the boys like a drop.

I'd be the first to sing their praises and decry what an injustice it is that they have not taken the world by storm; but that would mean sharing them with everyone else.

Till then, I remain selfishly silent.

Some promos from their recently re-released deluxe editions of Leaders of the Free World (2005) & Cast of Thousands (2003):

build a brewery boys!

They're mine! All mine!

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