Monday, May 30, 2011

Album Review: The Antlers - Burst Apart

This follows the Brooklyn band's much lauded effort in 2009's Hospice.

Peter Silberman still employs his heady beguiling falsetto croon, which works to great effect with the album's mainly lilting melodies.  The album is punctuated by punchy upbeat number French Exit, moody atmospheric synths on Parentheses and the poppy Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out.

Which leads us to the oddly disturbing theme running throughout the lyrics:- Pull my teeth right out; tear my limbs right off; ...wings won't break; which strangely comes off more as an intriguing signature concern rather than a mere morbid gimmick.  It's as though the band are trying to convey inner emotional turmoils by drawing physical parallels.

Altogether, a bold move forwards.  7.6/10

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