Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Live Concert Stream: My Morning Jacket Unstaged

My Morning Jacket will be live-streaming their concert 9pm ET / 6pm PT.  This had me scurrying to find out the equivalent time here in Sydney Australia - which worked out to be 1 June 11am.  Hope this conversion is right!


I have been trying to connect via my bluray wireless so I could watch this on the large screen and even subscribed to My Morning Jacket's Vevo channel which has no videos uploaded yet??  I only hope it works.

I know, modern technology, right?

The Aftermath:

What was that I said about modern technology?  Well, it was exciting enough being my first ever live concert webcast. I must say many technical glitches* put a damper on events. While the concert was going on, there was a running comment box below and viewers were encouraged to keep commenting to "unlock" pics.(I suspect they were time-released). You were also encouraged to post in vids of your retina so it could make an appearance in the giant "eye" prop backstage. I thought Erykah Badu was a strange choice for a guest, but MMJ displayed they had the chops to be funky as well. The concert was filmed by Todd Haynes and would hopefully hit the shelves soon.
I subscribed to MyMorningJacketVevo channel on YouTube, but was unable to access it via my Sony bluray (Must be some overlooked licensing issue); so was reduced to watching it on my much reduced computer monitor. I wished I was there to experience it in person.  MMJ's strength lies in their live performance.

I remember when they last performed at The Metro on 22/1/2009.  Their wig-out moments were unparalleled.  They had a 3 hour long set and this was no different.  See link for setlist.

* Apart from recurring pixelations, sound dropouts, freezes and being locked out of chatroom halfway through and initial poor editing between embarassing "acted" skits and live footage; I'm sure that with careful editing a much improved experience can be achieved.  But for now, 5.6/10.

Jim James belting it out some.

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