Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Album Review: I'm from Barcelona - Forever Today

It has been a while since I found a pop album worthy of any serious attention.  Perhaps not since The New Radicals' Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too in 1998 or more recently, The Apples in Stereo's New Magnetic Wonder in 2007.

I'm from Barcelona (They're actually from Jönköping, Sweden) is the brainchild of one Emanuel Lundgren whose pop ensemble boasts 29 band members.  It's almost criminal not to have a local distributor for this album.  Yet.

This, their third studio effort, is unabashedly upbeat.  The songs are rousing and infused with positive messages; the music spritely, sunshiny confections which defies you to put a skip in your step.

Handclaps, ba-ba-ba singalongs, perky piano lines and irresistible pop nous abound and are infused into each track.  Perhaps someone slipped something in their water? 
Clear blue skies all the way then, only on closing track are there faint signs of Altostratus forming in the distant horizon.

It'd cross my mind to be selfish and keep them my own little secret.  Alas.

A generous serving of pure pop perfection.  8.8/10


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