Monday, June 13, 2011

Album Review: Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

It's incomprehensible that some city person like me has an ear for country music, let alone folk music.

Still, there is no denying there's something in Fleet Foxes' music which evokes backwoods sentiments; that of warmth, humility, earnestness and of a time uncomplicated and unhurried.  Perhaps the best antidote for this 21st Century city-living burnout?

This, their difficult second, has much to live up to.  Their eponymous debut won them both critical and commercial success and was a mainstay in many 'Best of 2008' lists.

Robin Pecknold, chief lyricist and vocalist has admitted the two year gestation took a toll on his personal life and the band's coffers.

A plethora of obscure instruments has been employed to imbue each track a sepia'd bygone feel.  Gorgeous chamber melodies and lush earthy harmonies abound; and was only curiously punctuated by track 10's "An Argument" - An excursion into jarring jazz territory.

Big-hearted campfire reveries.  8.6/10

...and long attention span not necessary:

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