Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lambchop Serves It Up!

As part of Sydney Festival 2012, Lambchop is heading to our shores to kickstart what must surely be a big year for them.

Not content to just front his band, Kurt Wagner is making the most of his trip by also appearing in 2 gigs as one half of KORT (with Cortney Tidwell as his partner-in-crime) promoting their 2010 effort, Invariable Heartache; as well as running a solo sideshow.

Primed to release their 11th studio album, Mr. M on 21st Feb 2012, I'm excited to hear some new tracks live prior to the album's release.

A track dedicated to Vic Chestnutt:

Album / Tour Trailer:

KORT country pickin' on:


Concert Review: Sydney Recital Hall (21/1/2012)

It was a night of beautiful and delicate songs which was seriously marred by heavy handed sound mixing at the soundboard.

Kurt Wagner's soft dulcet tones was instead over-amped and over-reverbed to the point of sounding boomy but distant; as though trapped in an echo chamber next door.  Much of the instruments were accorded the same fate except for the drummer who sounded present and accounted for.

Hopefully the band sounded better elsewhere in the recital hall (I was seated on level 3).


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